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Real estate investing, for everyone

SafeBlox was founded to provide high quality boutique property investment services to affluent investors. SafeBlox makes it easy to become a property (co) owner and build a local property investment portfolio together with other selected (usually also local) investors.

SafeBlox will designs the property investment strategy with strong local partners. This ensures a thorough knowledge of the property investments, strong relationships with local estate agents and rental agents.

Jeroen de Leijer

SafeBlox CEO & Founder

Jeroen founded Brickfund.com in 2016 and grew its assets under management from zero to over € 20.000.000 in 1,5 years. Jeroen is also one of the founders of BrickEX.io a very innovative Property Exchange (currently under development). Safeblox will partner with BrickEX to provide liquidity to its investors. This way it will become relatively easy for investors to divest their property investments in SafeBlox.

Jeroen has 20 years of senior international business management and company growth experience and holds degrees in business economics, management and a MBA from Nyenrode University.

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