Realised Total Return, per annum, after fees

Based on past performance, investors have on average realised a return of 3.9% capital value growth and 3.4% rental income on shares they’ve sold from newly listed properties, with many also benefitting from greater tax efficiencies. As with any investment, your capital is at risk.

The sooner you start,

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Real estate investing, for everyone

Joint Ownership

Invest in any property or building with a select group of co-investors in local properties.


We work only with trusted partners, doing a deep due diligence process to the property owners. Our technology is backed by blockchain, a decentralized data base.

Our Property Funds

Our funds will group several properties, like residential and commercial properties into one local fund. This way you will spread your risk over a great number of property units.

Solid Returns

Investing in real estate is one of the most stable and secure investments nowadays. The funds had 8.3 % average return over 2017.

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Take control

Complete user dashboard

View the progress of your investment and the current state of the campaigns you participate in.

When you want to exit from your investment, just sell your participations to other user.

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